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We operate Micro-Grids services to address the technical and social challenges associated with rural electrification to facilitate poverty reduction, protect the environment, promote education and improve health of the most vulnerables.

To allow a real and broad impact, we are driving ours efforts through innovation, partnership and local capacity building at all levels as these are keys to the success of our projects.

Sustainable Development Goals

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Protect the environment

we are SESMA

Solar Electricity Services with Micro-Grids in Africa

We are an African company in constant evolution dedicated to leading and operating renewable energy projects and services, rural electrification, development and sustainability, specializing in the construction, commissioning and maintenance of photovoltaic solar Micro-Grids and the high quality, affordable, energy-efficient electric appliances.




Burundian Private Society based in Bujumbura since 2021. Whose mission is to provide design and feasibility studies, financing, construction and operation of energy projects.



SES Micro-Grids Kenya Limited (SESMA) was registered in Nairobi in July 2017. SES was constituted to develop, engineer, operate and maintain solar PV Micro-Grids in Kenya.

As GIZ we have collaborated with SESMA in development of a Micro-Grid in Hurri Hills, Marsabit County, Kenya. This collaboration was unique as GIZ through develoPPP project set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to encourage private sector involvement in business opportunities supported the construction of the electricity distribution network for the Micro-Grid”.


Technical Advisor, GIZ, Kenya

“I gained enough skills on how to operate and manage power plant. On the other hand, the installation of streetlights has totally reduced the rate of illegal activities that used to happen before plant set up. In addition, all the customers really enjoy service mostly because of its sufficiency”.


Site Administrator, Hurri Hills, SESMA

“Increase in the number of customers, permanent electricity, connection of the radio station”.


Kazirabageni, Burundi

“Allows the use of a sewing machine and work even at night; offer people around them the possibility of charging their mobile phones”.


Buheka, Burundi

“Working easily at night, the solar plate batteries cost us a lot and now we don’t spend anything on that”.


Gatereni, Burundi

“There are no more blackouts. Now the maternity ward, which requires a lot of electricity, is working properly, and the computers are also working properly”.


Kinzanza II, Burundi

“The housekeeping is enlightened, the children are at ease with regard to the evening study; with electricity we are considering development projects for our household”.


Gatereni, Kinzanza II, Burundi

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