Specialists in Solar PV Micro-Grids

The solar Micro-Grid includes the generation system, a circular economy hub (community building built from the PV structure), the village distribution line and the user’s connection, including internal users’ wiring installation including smart meter using Electricity Daily Allowance (EDA) concept, 3 LEDs and 2 sockets, together with high quality, affordable, energy-efficient electric appliances and tools.

Along with the facilities, a management model embedded in the community is created, including a service fees scheme that covers the maximum of the operational costs and a return on investment within the ability to pay of the customers. The skills, resources and knowledge of the local operator, involving community inhabitants, is mobilized to operate and maintain the Micro-Grid and its services. We promote community empowerment during all the operation period through monitoring (remote and on site) and trainings.

Advanced and integral management system designed to integrate control and monitor of Micro-Grids as well as the management of the users and clients of each Micro-Grid. Live vision of technical and financial status and online trainings for local operator.

The aim is to implement Micro-Grids as substitution of national grid, in remote and thus underprivileged communities in developing countries, thus with low-income clients, the upper limit of the service fees is the user’s ability to pay.

The main idea is a demand-driven approach to foster entrepreneurship within the village by supporting business initiatives and training people to succeed. It will develop local value chains, grow new businesses, improve living conditions and create wealth for the population. Increased incomes will occasion demand for higher energy supply and spiral more business growth and local development within and in adjoining communities.