Social benefits

our electrical services goals

To answer energy demand while significantly reducing current and potential future CO2 emissions.

To empower local communities.

To promote education and health.

To serve as a base for long term NGO’s projects.

To support micro finance projects for rural areas.

To catalyze and develop local economy and employment, providing efficient electrical appliances and tools.


The community centre, built from the PV structure, will make several workshops facilities with electrical equipment available. The main idea is to foster entrepreneurship within the village, by supporting business initiatives and training people to succeed. It will develop local value chains, grow new businesses and create wealth for the population. Increased incomes will occasion demand for higher energy supply and spiral more business growth and local development within and in adjoining communities.

We do field work to understand deep-seated aspirations of community, involve community, monitoring, and training and empowerment of the community to develop entrepreneurship, improve businesses.

We work with companies and NGO’s to empower local community, improve generation incomes, enhance economic power of the community and increase demand in energy through trainings and monitoring.


The economic viability of a private Solar PV Micro-Grid project depends on the service fees from clients and the space rental for workshop facilities, and the type of investment.

To be able to return 100% of the implementation, operation and maintenance costs, over 20 years of operation, the aim is to have cost-reflective service fees where the regulation allows it.

As the aim is to implement Micro-Grids as substitution of national grid, in remote and thus underprivileged communities in developing countries, thus with low-income clients, the upper limit of the service fees is the user’s ability to pay.

social benefits

  • Use of refrigerators, sewing machines, radios, freezers, bank batteries, televisions, water pumps and other appliances.
  • Improvement of living and Human Rights.
  • Chance of studying at night.
  • Street lighting – Security.
  • Community-building.
  • Working condition improvement.
  • Job creation (MSG operator and new businesses).
  • Connection to the world (mobile phone, internet, media, etc.).
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Sustainable Development Goals

Protect the environment