Protect the environment

Environment benefits


Supply power/energy 24h/7d

Our solar photovoltaic Micro-Grid solution supplies AC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we supply enough power/energy to run constantly powerful productive uses.



Better quality of electrical services, sometimes better than the national grid (SAIDI/SAIFI). Additionally, energy is created through renewable energy having a positive impact on health and environment.

Decrease of tons

of CO2 emissions

Decrease of tons of CO2 emissions thanks to diesel fuel, kerosene lamps and candles replacement. Also, our project has a minimal or negligible negative environmental impact regarding the used batteries to be recycled.



The Micro-Grid operation and maintenance is a commercial enterprise, in a developing country, owned and operated by one local entity over the lifetime of the project, with a management relevant, effective, independent and sustainable.

SESMA social

Sustainable Development Goals

SESMA social

Social benefits