SESMA's innovation

Electricity Daily Allowance (EDA)

SESMA is using the concept of Electricity Daily Allowance (EDA), a sophisticated algorithm that controls the user’s electricity consumption and allows a real demand side management, energy efficiency. This revolutionary invention ensures social acceptability, technical durability of the solution and economic secure results. Over 20 years, this smart meter benefited to several thousands of end-users in various Micro-Grids across the globe and proved that end-users are paying regularly the agreed fix daily amount of energy because they manage a home energy budget without uncertainties or surprises. It also allows an optimal sizing and design of the Mini-Grid. In 2015, it was awarded during the Off-Grid Experts Workshop organized by Phaesun in the Category A “Product – Most innovative component or solution for Off-Grid power supply/use”.

advantages OF eda CONCEPT

  • Less transaction fees.
  • Easier business plan for the operator reducing uncertainties on energy consumption.
  • Better visibility for the user and for the payment planning.
  • Certainty for the user to get his assured amount of daily energy.
  • Protection of the whole system by deep discharge.
  • Increasing of the lifetime of the equipment, especially the battery.


Standardized: Solution for our projects, is thought to be standard for the scale-up phase. Low cost in soft costs for design, procurement, transport at scale-up phase.

Modular: No need of expensive feasibility studies. The solution size given is a conservative scenario of energy demand (based on the hundreds of feasibility studies carried out), and can always be doubled if demand is higher over the course of time.

Plug & Play: It can be moved to another village/country if a political or economic change threaten the business model, sustainability, or profitability of the Micro-Grid.

Containerized: Cutting down transport costs as no renting of containers to transport, higher quality control compared to construction on site of the technical house.

SESMA’s innovation

SESMA is always fine-tuning and improving on these innovations and developing or working on others in terms of structure, process, channel, brand, among others.


Product performance

SESMA develops distinguishing features and functionality.

Product system

SESMA creates complementary products and services.


SESMA’s service ensures and enhances the utility, performance and apparent value of the offering. The electrical products are easier to try, use and enjoy.

Customer engagement

SESMA’s Customer Engagement innovations are all about understanding the deep-seated aspirations of customers and users. Using those insights, we can develop meaningful connections between them and us.

In conclusion, the innovation of our solution is based on the following:

  • Electricity Daily Allowance (EDA).
  • High Quality Solar PV Micro-Grid (vs conventional infrastructures or SHS).
  • Cost-effective remote monitoring solution.
  • Electrical services (vs electricity only supply).
  • Community involvement and development impact (vs turn-key projects).
  • Local entity operator and responsible (vs scattered responsibilities).