High quality, affordable, energy-efficient electric appliances

low opex (~30% reduction)

Due to remote and innovative monitoring that controls and monitors each equipment of the Micro-Grid, helping to set configuration for the best smooth use of it.  (Broering, H., Bajlekov, S.: Reducing the cost of operations and maintenance for remote off-grid energy systems – The impact of remote monitoring, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 18 Sept 2018).

experience and capabilities

  • Solar PV Micro-Grid development.
  • Solar PV engineering, procurement and construction.
  • Solar PV Micro-Grid construction supervision (owner’s engineer).
  • Solar PV and Micro-Grid O&M services.
  • Surveying green-fields for Micro-Grid development.
  • Energy audit services.

The most important local needs

To allow a real and broad impact, we are driving our efforts through innovation, partnership and local capacity building at all levels as these are keys to the success of our projects.

– To improve lifestyle, healthcare and education.

– To have access to reliable and high quality, affordable and energy efficient (electrical) equipment.

– To be trained on business development, agricultural methods, entrepreneurship and handicraft based on local context and specificities on energy efficiency and maintenance if energy is brought to the village.

– To improve community exchanges and cultural empowerment.

– To develop, boost and optimize current economic activities already happening manually: workshops, agricultural activities, welding activities, sewing activities, lodges, small businesses: barber, retail and wholesale, shops, kiosks, phone charging, bars (cold storage), and institutions such as the school, and the medical dispensary.